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On May 28th, at the IEC in Kyiv supported by the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, the official presentation of the “Ukrainian Machinery for Communities” catalog took place as part of the “Made in Ukraine” project. Among the variety of domestic machinery manufacturers, the KMZ 25-32 truck crane, produced by LLC “Kyiv Machinery Plant” (TM “KMZ”), was showcased. Representatives of the plant have repeatedly participated in various exhibitions and presentations with the KMZ 25-40 truck crane, which is a staple in the manufacturer’s lineup, and this time they introduced the innovative KMZ 25-32 crane.

Unlike the KMZ 25-40 model, which is already well-known in Ukraine and has received high ratings from specialists, the new truck crane features a reduced boom length and curb weight, and most importantly, reduced cost, but still maintains high quality with great attention to all stages of production, from design work to servicing the equipment after delivery to customers.

The truck cranes produced by LLC “Kyiv Machinery Plant” are based on the SITRAK C5H chassis, which in turn is a licensed product “Powered by MAN,” and is manufactured by “CNHTC,” which is 25% owned by the German manufacturer. The chassis model is also known in Ukraine for its quality, rich configuration, and low maintenance and operating costs. Additionally, at the customer’s request, the crane superstructure can be mounted on most chassis available in Ukraine.

LLC “Kyiv Machinery Plant” is a manufacturer of Ukrainian truck cranes and other special machinery, independently developed design documentation and the application of leading Ukrainian-made components, which has allowed achieving a high degree of production localization, currently over 40%. The work of the plant in this direction continues, with plans to increase the localization level to 50% in the near future.

In 2022, the enterprise had to relocate its specialists and organize production to a safe region, specifically in Vinogradiv, Zakarpattia Oblast.

Despite the war, destroyed equipment, and relocation challenges, the plant team managed to continue production not only of the already familiar cranes but also manipulators, multifunctional cranes KMZ 22-10 on a tractor base, and also modern garbage trucks, dump platforms, grain carriers, and much other special machinery.

The enterprise is actively developing, providing a wide range of additional services from technical maintenance to major repairs of various cargo vehicles and special equipment.

LLC “Kyiv Machinery Plant” (TM “KMZ”) was featured in the catalog of domestic manufacturers of special machinery “Ukrainian Machinery for Communities” not only with cranes but also other special equipment, including crane-manipulator installations, hydraulic lifts, and multifunctional cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks.

The specialists of the plant are constantly improving production technologies, new production lines are being introduced, new jobs are created, the plant has its own research center and professional design department.

The level of localization is also continuously increased, unlike the majority of manufacturers who declare a localization level of 20% (the required level of localization by 2024) but the actual localization is often almost absent. Most manufacturers do not bother with designing and manufacturing various equipment, but simply install a ready-made superstructure from other foreign manufacturers, claiming it as their own development, and thus trying to obtain the desired percentages of localization.

Regarding the localization of national production, there was a lot of discussion at the event.

Thus, Igor Shkirya, President of the “Ukravtotrans” Federation, during a meeting with Yulia Svyrydenko, the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine, raised important issues of violating the localization law during state tenders. He stated that currently, for state procurements, the requirements for production localization are only 20% and to confirm this, it is sufficient to simply declare oneself as a manufacturer on the Prozorro platform. There is a need to develop an effective mechanism to prevent pseudo manufacturers with pseudo localization from having the honorable title of Ukrainian manufacturer, and not to discredit the real Ukrainian machine-building industry. President of the Federation also noted that it is extremely necessary for large state buyers to publicly form a long-term procurement strategy and create conditions for signing long-term contracts with real Ukrainian manufacturers.”

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